Corporate Profile

i-Smart International Limited (i-Smart) has established since 1994. We are a worldwide distributor for computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, and various toys and displays. Our clientele is from a range of major retail stores to specialized boutiques.

With our dedication and experience in the industry, we understand the needs of consumers, market trend and continuous technological improvements in product development. We are fully committed to deliver the best technology and support for our worldwide customers.

Through communication, we have built a strong, reliable and loyal relationship with our customers and potential clients. We take our reputation and business seriously, our management team regularly reviews operation and product testing to ensure quality and smooth business transactions. We also have a team of customer service and technical support to provide assistance in product enquiries.

i-Smart provides stylish and smart solutions for everyday living.

Contact Info

Please kindly let us know if any queries.

Tel: 852-2417-0002

Fax: 852-2417-0777

Email: info@i-smart-ltd.com


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